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Phone goes dead after a few seconds. Similar line problems anyone?

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Posted 19 March 2009 - 11:35 PM

From around the beginning of march 2009 I have been getting problems with my phone line and 2 sets of technicians have come and gone and the problem still exists. First my phone was working but my dsl was dead; A blink technician came and said he changed the port at the exchange and the dsl was back up. After the dsl got fixed the voice service became faulty and the blink technician said a line technician has to come to check the line. The problem with the voice service at this time is it drops the call after a few seconds. The phone rings as it should and is also able to dial out, but the call never lasts more than a few seconds, it goes dead without even a dialtone. I could suggest that there is no fault in the physical line to the exchange since the dsl is consistent and never drops but I'm no expert.

Moving along, the line tech came a few days later and deduced that the internal wiring was not an issue, so he went to check a cabinet down the street and deduced the problem was not there either. I never heard from him after that, apparently he just drove down to the exchange afterwards. Sadly the tech didn't have the courtesy to stop to tell me that he was going to the exchange to check there, I was lucky I saw him driving by else I would have believed he just drove off and left.

I have come to the conclusion that TSTT technicians don't know how to fix telephone lines, the evidence was always pointing to this since technicians from TSTT came twice and used the wrong colour coding scheme for the wires at the NID. Am I supposed to expect competence from telco technicians who can't identify the tip and ring wires correctly?

I asked around but I don't know of anyone with the same problem. Some have a different problem where their phones don't output full rings. Anyone else experiencing issues like these after being "upgraded"?

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