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Arima Packet Loss

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Posted 30 October 2013 - 10:20 PM

Just thought I'd put this here for anyone else in central who came here before they called customer service.

After reading through the forums this seems to be a common issue but the packet loss (no lower than 40%) in Arima is unbelievable. I honestly CANNOT game during the hours of 6:30pm to 10:45pm, like clockwork, everyday, for the past 6 months. I'm a farmer believe it or not and I work from 6am to 6pm everyday only to go home and lag. I do nothing else but play video games in my free time clocking less than 80mb an HOUR for 3 hours during peak.

Called customer service and explained, thoroughly, my problem to a very polite but completely lost dude. I was quickly asked if I was the account holder, who's my pops by the way, had to go get the man to answer the phone and provide his Identification number for a query!? Then when they (yes someone else started speaking in the background) did some "checks" aka customer torture/breaking for 50 mins, they basically said, "We cannot identify the issue. We will look into the matter and send a technician if the issue persists!?" It's been 2 months.

What was that technician going to do I wonder? Set up a "server" outside my house? It would be less insulting if they just said, "Yuh from central? What yuh doing tanking in a video game? Go and wash a goat or something productive."

One more thing, If they ask you to use their speed test, hang up the phone. That's when they try to bore you to death by showing you how well their connection works in vacuum 25 times in a row you ignorant peasant, I mean valued customer haha.

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