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WiMax issues

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Posted 19 March 2014 - 08:57 PM

First and foremost, let me give a run down on the history of our dealings with blink.
I live in Valencia and we got blink broadband in 2010. We had the package that uses the phone line. The wired one. We had a year of good service, before crap basically hit the fan in 2011. It started off simple, at 6:45pm every night it went down. At first, it was down for an hour or two. We called blink, technicians came. They checked the exchange, the changed some lines in our house and the phone. We thought it was set. Unfortunately, it was not. After the technicians came and change the lines etc, once again at 6:45pm, it went down. As the months went by, it started getting worse. It didn't last just one or two hours, it started lasting all night. Sometimes even in the day it went, so for months we were only getting mayhaps two hours of internet. I called EVERY SINGLE day to complain. I was told the same thing, they filed my complaint.. wait 5 working days for a technician to come. Sometimes, they'd even close off my complaint without anybody ever coming or it being fixed. Six months into this issue, we finally got technicians to come during the evening time when it went down WITHOUT fail at 6:45pm. That night, the ONLY time techs ever came at that time, it didn't go down at 6:45pm. I told them what light goes off on the router when it goes down, they said that was very strange. They eventually left after 15mins of waiting. When they arrived at HQ or wherever they worked, they called and asked if it went down, and it did.. at 7:45pm. The issue was NEVER resolved. We were basically FORCED to take this WiMax package. Though blink has never bothered to fully investigate the issue.

Now with this WiMax service. It keeps losing signal every 5-10 minutes, from 7pm till 11pm every night. I am confused as to why this happens. And we won't go into the issue just two weeks ago, when it was a nationwide thing and it was down all of Wednesday, and most of Thursday. It is quite frustrating, when you are trying to conduct anything online at this point in time. Heck, while typing this it went down at least twice. I have called to find out if this is a normal occurrence, what can I do on my end to help curb this. All I got was to move the router. Which I did, to no avail. Now is it wrong for me to ask for a solid connection from blink? Or at least a valid reason as to why this occurs? I'd like to say we can change isps at this point, if we in Valencia had that option, then I wouldn't be typing this out. But we don't.
Any ideas? Suggestions? Or do I have to suck salt and tough it out for now till either they stabilize WiMax some more or I just move on from blink completely.

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Posted 28 April 2014 - 05:05 AM

I had that problem...that same problem...


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Posted 21 June 2014 - 01:16 AM

Sorry to hear that...I also had years of this problem, switched providers because of it, they never solved it...maybe if you were closer to the exchange!

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