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  1. TSTT at it again

    Posted 16 Aug 2007

    So now that they have claimed to be upping speed and dropping price (http://tsttproblems.com/index. php?showtopic=964) will dial-up still be so huge?
    What about my 3g. Will that remain teh same price at the present speed? Or will customers in these classes subsidise the other services?
  2. Congratulations!

    Posted 4 May 2007

    The Oracle, a segment on 95.1's Morning Zoo Programme, mentioned tsttproblems.com in relation to his having problems with TSTT's 3g service. Congrats! What good exposure, yet I am still sure TSTT decision makers won't visit here.
  3. 3G in St. Augustine

    Posted 4 May 2007

    If you are in St. Augustine or environs, possibly the whole East West Corridor do not get the EVDO service. The speed is sub dial up!
    Using TSTT's bandwidth metre speeds are 115kb/s at the highest! Around 8pm speeds get to around 23kb/s! Yes, b, not B! Thursday nite around 8 the site said that I can download from their servers at 0.98kB/s!
    Repeated calls to TSTT have proved futile, with responces ranging from too many people logged into the tower, to the tower was recently moved from UWI, and is still in need of proper setting up.
    The service works well in San Fernando, Rio Claro and Mayaro, with speeds of over 400kb/s, but ib St. Aug I get nowhere near these speeds.
    Next step is a letter to the Telecom Authority.
  4. Y bother to call?

    Posted 2 Nov 2006

    Anyone know what TSTT systems are made of? Why do they go down so often? This morning (November 02, 2006 8:20) systems down again!
  5. Phones dont accecpt internation calls?

    Posted 2 Nov 2006

    My TSTT pre-paid wont accecpt international calls in! Thank heven I have my Digicel. Now I have to walk with it in case someone wants to call me from outside 868! Soon that will become my primary number...
    Any suggestions? No, its not the caller ID because the TSTT accecpts blocked and unknown numbers.

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