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    Posted 26 Jul 2008

    I can fix your computer at a low price, plus the price of parts, if any. This is better than going to a big store and getting a bill just as big. PM me for details.

    I can also build a custom PC for you, at a good price. Again PM for details. Also check out the Misc. classifieds section on www.trinituner.com , I have some spare parts for sale/trade.

    Thanks. ;)
  2. Stupid x64 Vista!

    Posted 22 Jul 2008

    I got Windows Vista 64 bit in the hopes of even better performance (I already like Vista, unlike others). MS said its not for everyone. Reason being you must have 64 bit capable CPU. x64 Vista can still run 32 bit (x86) apps, but many 64BIT apps don't work - on 64 Vista! What's going on! Plus driver support sucks bad! And I hate to go in System Information and see "32 bit Operating System" 32 bit by next year will be in toys. The PC that I took hard-earned time, money and patience to build is not a toy. Why do we need signed drivers? Not everyone with x64 will run a server. MS said it's ideal for games. But gamers like overclock/fan speed utilities that need drivers. I can't overclock from in Windows now. My TV card doesn't work. No Vista activation cracks work. One thing for sure - I'm not going back to 32-bit.

    Ok, it's not stupid.
  3. Web Server

    Posted 20 Jul 2008


    I have a Paradyne 6211-12-200-0TT ADSL2+ with the latest (Zhone) firmware. I would like to setup my router to work with my ASP.Net applications, or even Apache server, etc. But before that, I want where people enter the WAN IP, or domain name from a dynamic DNS service, to be routed to this particular computer (there are multiple on the network, using a network switch). I want them to access the index page, etc. I've played around with the settings, but now I'm stumped. If anyone knows about this, please reply.


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