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  1. Blink-On-The -Go - HEX # Erased ??

    Posted 16 Dec 2009

    Do you have a Blink on the Go device and the HEX # got erased!!!

    Here is what you can do :

    For TSTT Customers with the Novatel Modems and Franklyn Wireless Modems (Models numbers 550, 650 and 680) you can also use the following to obtain your hex numbers :

    For Novatel Modems : Right click on icon in task bar then click on device properties

    For Franklyn Wireless Modems : Click on Menu option in connection manager, select device info and diagnostics.

  2. TSTT Anti-Spam Measures

    Posted 12 Feb 2009

    SPAM or unsolicited email is a universal problem that is getting worse
    every day. At TSTT, like most responsible ISP's and companies we
    subscribe to spam filtering software which screens incoming software to
    remove SPAM. The way that this works is our antispam software gets lists
    of the IP addresses of users suspected of generating the SPAM, and then
    blocks that mail from going into our customers regular mailboxes, it may
    go into a SPAM mailbox or just be dropped.

    The problem that we have been having lately is that these SPAM checkers
    have been noticing a large amount of SPAM coming from some TSTT
    customers. They have warned us that this has to stop or they would put
    all of TSTT's IP addresses on the list to block, which would mean that
    other ISPs who subscribe to antispam software would block ALL mail
    originated from a tstt.net.tt account, or for that matter any email
    server at a company served by TSTT. This of course is a drastic step and
    to counteract this TSTT had to make immediate moves to stop this.

    There are several reasons why SPAM could be originating from TSTT
    customers. The first and most likely one is that several of our
    customers' PCs may have been affected by a virus, and may be sending out
    these SPAM emails without the owners even knowing about it. These PCs
    may also be spreading the virus to other PCs which are unprotected, so
    that this would continue to escalate. The second reason is that there
    may be malicious customers who are either doing it for "fun", or getting
    paid to originate this SPAM.

    Most individuals do not have mail servers in their homes or businesses,
    and those that do need one, should have a special type of internet
    address (IP Address) that caters for this, it is called a Static IP
    address which never changes. The normal kind of customer uses a dynamic
    address which is only theirs for the time that they are online for that
    session. Then it is assigned randomly to someone else.

    TSTT has had to immediately block non tstt.net.tt emails coming from dynamic addresses. If we did not do that then all of the mail originating from TSTT or its customers would have been added to the spammers list and blocked by thousands of email servers all over the world. This block does NOT affect the vast majority
    of our customers. There are a limited number of cases where this could
    have an effect and we are putting things in place to deal with these.

    The cases are:

    1. A company which may have an email server on a dynamic IP address.
    The solution is to get a static IP address. This is the standard solution
    throughout the world.

    2. A company which is hosting mail outside of TSTT and uses an
    email client to access that mail. In this case receiving email will not
    be affected. If a web based client is used it will not be affected. If
    however a SMTP client is used this will not work. There are two
    solutions to this. You can contact TSTT at 824TSTT Option 5, suboption 2,
    suboption 2. and we will discuss.

    The solution is to

    (i). Have the email server put on an allowed list,
    (ii). If you are doing this from a company with many users, get
    a static IP address, or
    (iii) Change the port that is used for SMTP. This last one
    is a little technical and will require the cooperation of your email
    hosting company, it also may just be a temporary solution as if SPAM is found
    to be coming from this address and port, it will be blocked.

    3. A person who is using an email client with SMTP to send email from
    an email host not with TSTT. The solution to this is to either use a
    tstt.net.tt account to send email or solution 1 or 2 above.

    Please note that any user using tstt.net.tt, google.com, hotmail,
    yahoo.com or any web based email program will not be affected in any

    TSTT had to do this in an emergency mode to avoid the drastic action
    that was threatened by the anti spam organization. This current configuration
    is the way that most responsible ISPs are operating and we will do what
    is possible to help our customers to adjust to this.

    Please call 824TSTT Option 5, suboption 2, suboption 2. for further help.
  3. Anti- SPAM measures

    Posted 12 Feb 2009

    TSTT Adopts Anti- SPAM measures

    Overseas Anti-Spam organisations disabled several TSTT IP addresses that were used to send spam e-mails all over the world. The spam was primarily as a result of viruses on customers’ computers however some incidents were deliberately carried out. The disabling of any TSTT IP address can affect the ability of all customers to send and receive email. To protect customers against a complete loss of email service TSTT has adopted safeguards required by the Anti-Spam organisations.

    With immediate effect business customer using their broadband service to connect an Email Server to the Internet will be required to obtain a static IP address from TSTT. A static IP address is a digital Internet ID that is permanently assigned to an individual or company, making it easy to verify the source Internet data.

    Assigning static IP addresses to Email Servers is in keeping with global standards to minimise incidents of spam e-mail which will lead to a more reliable service for all customers.

    This requirement will not affect the vast majority of customers who use standard email software on their computers. Such customers however should install and maintain updated anti-virus software on their computers to safeguard against viruses hijacking their computer to send out spam.

    Customers can get assistance establishing a static IP address by calling 824-TSTT (8788).

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