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  1. In Topic: TSTT's Gigabit connections

    Posted 24 Mar 2016

    My situation:

    1. Flow's not coming in the bush by me
    2. Digicel's mobile data coverage's improved greatly
    3. Bmobile's mobile data coverage's improved too
    4. Blink's holding steady since they ran new fibre
    5. Air Link [a community double play provider] hasn't started offering Internet service in my area yet though

  2. In Topic: Dead phone line

    Posted 24 Mar 2016

    View Post ryansi, on 22 March 2016 - 11:19 AM, said:

    I have a line that was dead since 5th feb. Made a report on 9th. All this time I have to pay for a service I am not getting.I also made a complaint to TATT 2 weeks ago but still nothing. What should my next step be? My neighbours do not have any issue.

    I recommend that you pay for the service while it's being repaired since they will rebate you when the issue's resolved. From my history of 'dead lines',some problems take longer than the standard time to be repaired especially if it requires an exchange technician.Your neighbours being unaffected really has no bearing on your specific line issue.

    Have you tested the line for a dial tone from the TNI?

  3. In Topic: TSTT's Gigabit connections

    Posted 17 Jan 2016

    Their uptake's been slow: they really need to work on the brand

  4. In Topic: Packet loss at 8pm (Blink)

    Posted 22 Dec 2015

    Is the line used for anything else?

  5. In Topic: Speed Issue

    Posted 7 Sep 2015

    My Internet speed issue was only resolved last year after nearly 4 years of written complaints,countless technician visits,rewiring,nearly a dozen modem changes and rebates.

    The problem was the defective main line on the main road which was only changed this year.

    I hope that that's not the problem in your case.

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