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  1. Speed Issue

    Posted 28 Aug 2015

    Hi all.

    I've been having a speed issue for going on a few months now. I know the service has issues sometimes, so I thought it would resolve itself, but months have passed and the status is the same.

    I have the 1MB package with TSTT, and I've noticed my speed has dropped significantly, when downloading. For example, before this happened I would get like 120KB/s and now its in the 20-30 KB/s Range. Needless to say, I'm not happy about it. First I thought it was my laptop, but then realized that not only was my main and backup one suffering the same issue, but so was the other people in the house.

    Strangely enough, I DO GET THE FULL speed when downloading via torrent, but once its browser based (tried several at this point), it only gives the previously mentioned low speeds, with the extremely rare spike, and back down again it goes.

    Additional Info.

    The Speed test shows the 1mb speed range, but for whatever reason, this speed isnt the case when downloading (except torrents)

    I don't run torrents while trying to download from the browser as well, because obviously it will be slow,

    I also know that once its a shared connection, drops in speeds are expected, but the low speeds are present when I alone am connected to the network.

    I called tech support on more than one occasion and they went through with me all the usual troubleshooting, to no avail. When I inquired about the router being possibly defective and the cause, the rep told me this can't be the case, as my speed test shows that the correct speed.

    At this point, this is driving me crazy, and even though the person I spoke to said it isn't the router, I'm inclined to believe it is, if for no other reason than, I've tried everything else I can think of.

    Has anyone experienced this issue before and had it resolved successfully?

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