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  1. In Topic: Need Trunk Lines for PBX

    Posted 25 Mar 2016

    View Post Lich King, on 17 March 2016 - 11:49 PM, said:

    Hey everyone, I've sent emails to tsttsme since March 3rd 2016 and each time I received an automated reply claiming that someone would contact me within 48 hours but sadly no reply from TSTT ever came. Why is it so difficult to acquire quotes from TSTT for business services? This isn't the first time I've experienced these issues with TSTT and it's ongoing. Some time in 2015 I called 800-4SME to ask for a quote for 3 Metro-E links and the TSTT rep somehow had no clue about what is Metro-E and didn't even know TSTT offered the service. TSTT seriously needs to stop hiring uneducated family members and look to hire people who are actually qualified. The blackhat hiring will catch up with you now that you are no longer a monopoly.

    So anyway, can someone please PM me contact details for a person in TSTT with whom I can work with to get this PBX system going? Please.

    Thank you
  2. In Topic: TSTT's Gigabit connections

    Posted 17 Jan 2016

    What ever happened to this?
    Certain areas that got the fiber and the slow packages as well so meh
  3. In Topic: Packet loss at 8pm (Blink)

    Posted 10 Jan 2016

    Report them to TATT. They fixed it for a bit and back to the BS.
  4. In Topic: Flow cable modem changout

    Posted 8 Jan 2016

    View Post Senti_al, on 10 October 2015 - 11:04 PM, said:

    ok long story short , is there a way to change flow cable modem to a Linksys cable modem ?

    I remember trying it a year ago but it didn't get the settings for it to work ..

    can anyone tell me on this

    Don't you have to call the customer support and they have to register the MAC address of the modem. Hope you get a nice rep. to do it for you.

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