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  1. Blink LTE Residential

    Posted 17 Oct 2016

    Since Friday the 14th around 1am, the upload speeds of Blink LTE 5Mb/s Residential has been really slow (Less than 0.10Mbps). The download is fine though.
    I lodged a couple of complaints with the customer service but nothing has improved over the past few days. I thought they were improving their 3G and 4G networks.
    Is anyone else getting any problems?
  2. Packet Loss on Blink's LTE Service

    Posted 29 May 2016

    Anyone else having the issue of packet loss? I cannot play games due to high packet loss :(
    Browsing the internet is impossible now, simple requests to load a website takes forever, pictures never load.
    Plus, $336 for 5Mbps, while barely getting 2Mbps when I'm trying to download anything.

    Calling customer service is useless, they ask about the LEDs, blame the box, and so on.
  3. DNS Errors on Blink's LTE service.

    Posted 12 Mar 2016

    I tried everything to fix the DNS errors, changing the default DNS on every device. Even following instructions to clear/reset settings but nothing works. There is always a DNS leak, it still goes toward the TSTT ones and returns errors. This continues till around 10:30pm.
    The only thing that seems to work is using a VPN but I rather not when it comes to gaming.
  4. Blink's fiber

    Posted 8 Jan 2016

    They keep boasting of 8000km of fiber, yet their service is not available in many areas and are overpriced.

    25dw/5up Mbps with 145 channels, and unlimited landline calls at $399. This is complete garbage when Digicel offers 25dw and 5up, with free local channels at $200 in many more locations. Plus everyone is ditching cable for iptv easily accessible through kodi and many other custom versions of the software.

    Honestly, what is Blink trying? Flow will most likely be doubling their 15Mbps package for free to compete with digicel.
  5. Report Bink to TATT

    Posted 6 Jan 2016

    I encourage you all to report Blink and it's associated services to TATT. It is not competitively priced.
    https://tatt.org.tt/... plaintForm.aspx

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