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  1. GPRS via Dialup

    Posted 3 Nov 2010

    Good day all,

    I've decided I want to use my nokia 6230 as a modem on my netbook to get access to free facebook via 0.facebook.com

    I am using a digicel SIM card and can browse (using the settings provided by SMS 4000) 0.facebook.com fine on my phone.

    However when I try to use the phone as a modem to connect to digicel's GPRS service, I cannot access 0.facebook.com via my web browser (firefox) but i can ping and get a response from 0.facebook.com without problem

    I have:
    1. set the phone number to dial as *99#
    2. ensured that only TCP/IP v4 is set as the protocol
    3. obtain IP and DNS and Gateway settings automatically
    4. added the following extra AT commands to the modem settings: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP" ,"WEB.DIGICELTT.COM"
    5. set the proxy on firefox to

    please help

    Okay so I figured it out...stupid me. The extra initialization command should read: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP" ,"WAP.DIGICELTT.COM"

    I put WEB instead of WAP. when I changed to WAP, it worked immediately with no problems
  2. 6230i Flash Over

    Posted 2 Aug 2010

    Anyone here knows anyone who can flash over my 6230i? Willing to pay
  3. bMobile Prepaid GPRS

    Posted 29 Dec 2008

    i've never experimented with internet access on cellphones before
    i have a prepaid digicel phone (6230b)
    i have a prepaid bmobile phone (6230i)
    i have successfully used digicel's GPRS using the WAP settings provided by the 'WAP 4000' service
    i have no idea how to get GPRS on bmobile
    i do not want to pay $150 and get a separate SIM card
    i want to use my existing bmobile simcard
    im pretty sure ive seen people using GPRS on a prepaid bmobile

    please help
  4. Nokia FBUS/MBUS Cable

    Posted 9 Jan 2007

    I want to know if anyone here has a Nokia FBUS/MBUS cable for a 6230b or 6230i for sale or if you have one,where did you get it because i need one badly.
  5. Using Two Internet Connections

    Posted 5 Nov 2006

    Hi i want to know if it is somehow possible to use a dial-up connection and a DSL connection at the same time on one computer running on windows xp sp2. to some i know it may sound stupid but with dsl always disconnecting on me (and i dont know why, i get about 10 different answer from tstt about that) i want to have the dialup as a backup connection in a sense and i really dont want any downtime (ie having to dial up etc, just leave both of them running simultaneously) help.

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