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  1. mmc affecting service

    Posted 4 Sep 2007

    I know this is gonna sound strange but recently i have to keep my memory card out of my phone or else i get no service. Its a nokia 6230i, i put the simcard in a different phone and i get full service, i put another sim card in the phone and again its no service. When the memory card is out though i get full service no matter which sim card i use. Anyone has any suggestions, cause i'd much rather be able to use my memory card without worrying about having no service.
  2. Digicel Chat

    Posted 17 Mar 2007

    Hey ppl whats up? Hope everything cool. Anywho anyone ever try digicel chat? I heard its 45c to send a message in a chat room. I dont like the idea of that cause its 35c to send a regular text, I mean i know u sending to all the member in a chat room but that sounding kinda steep, What u guys think abou that??
  3. shame on digicel

    Posted 13 Feb 2007

    Digicel introduces $30.00 vouchers to top up. Thats all well and good, however besides the fact that u only getting 5 free text with it, now u can no longer get your 5 free text with a $20.00 voucher. What kinda craziness is that, to think the would want to give more free stuff or even reduce prices seeing that competition so stiff, they making things harder for themselves.
    Its a good thing bmobile is my number one. I knew those suckers were gonna get more expensive once they got more customers. That free 30 sms online came with a price, i guess thats thier way of reclaiming their losses.
  4. free bmobile mms all gone

    Posted 12 Feb 2007

    I dont know if its just me but as of yesterday i couldnt send any free bmobile messages, u guys having the same problems??
    I used a sim card with $1.03 and the messages never sent.
    When i switch back to my other sim card (with more money) messages sending easy, u think it could just be that simcard? :(

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