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  1. In Topic: Flow limitations???

    Posted 12 Nov 2013

    Never had throttling problems with flow, did you try a popular torrent or a torrent of a Linux distribution, as these are usually hosted of University servers.

    Well it is to late now for you to check but you should, have waited for a reply.
  2. In Topic: WiMax port forwarding

    Posted 14 Apr 2013

    View Post rsa, on 10 April 2013 - 08:48 PM, said:

    Hey i am using a Wimax Greenpack Black Box from tstt. I am trying to setup my CCTV to remote view. I tried the Port Forwarding Feature on the router tested from the outside with (canyouseeme.org) port checker, to verify that i was seeing the ports and it was ok. But when i test from a an external DDNS i keep getting the router login page, i am not getting the dvr. What am i not doing right?

    ahh don't use port 80 for the DVR and the router. if you are not using port 80 for the DVR you will also have to enter the port with the url i.e http://mydvr.dyndns.org: 9090
  3. In Topic: Got a New Phone# but No Installation after 12months

    Posted 31 Mar 2013

    Honestly flow seems a lot better option. If a company is robbing me for the past couple months why am I silo giving them my money.
  4. In Topic: Flow Outage

    Posted 26 Nov 2012

    Unplug the cable modem and remove battery, leave unplugged for about a minute. Do the same for your routers/switches then after the minute it's up reconnect the modem, give it a minute then plug in the routers/switches and then try to access your remote services. If that does not work check your firewall and check the servers through webui to see if they ate running.
  5. In Topic: STILL WAITING!!!

    Posted 26 Nov 2012

    do you do heavy dowloading, if not i would go with a 4g dongle option until they have everything sorted. I have used this option in the past with a USB supported router and tomato firmware to share the connection in my home. Only thing you could do again is complain to TATT.

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